FISHCUT TITANALL - FISH PIN WITH AEROSPACE TITANIUM BLADE COLOR: GREEN  Dimensions12X 145; Thickness: 6 Material Titanium Aerospace Main material for airliners and fighter aircraft components. Aerospace Titanium was created to withstand very high pressures and extreme climatic factors. The material that every professional has always wanted. Another feature of titanium is its incredibly lower weight than common metals. Both the material and our processes are entirely ecological, according to strict regulations for respecting the environment.Features Hole straighten rods The main hole, used to straighten the rods bent due to friction Holes straighten points They are used to insert the points of the harpoons , which are straightened by the pressure of the pin Extractor Not to be underestimated, the extractor hole is used for the recovery of the rods entangled in the rocks cleaning the catch Knot pulling insert After making a constricting knot, it can be inserted into this insert to facilitate its pulling and therefore its fixing

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