T-BLADE TITANALL-MULTIFUNCTION KNIFE 100% AEROSPACE TITANIUM COLOR: BLACK DimensionsLength: 150; Thickness: 3 Material Titanium Aereospace Main material for the components of airliners and fighters. Aerospace Titanium was created to withstand very high pressures and extreme climatic factors. The material that every professional has always wanted. Another feature of titanium is its incredibly lower weight than common metals. Both the material and our processes are entirely ecological, according to strict regulations for respecting the environment. The presser of the T-Blade is produced in AISI 316 and PEEKMOD and delivered based on availability. This variation does not affect the durability and effectiveness Titanall exclusive patent case The T-Blade case is a titanall® design with a pressure safety system to adjust the insertion and disengagement capacity of the Knife through the appropriate Titanium screws and plate affixed to the end of the housing. FEATURES Hole straighten rods The main hole, used to straighten the rods bent due to friction Holes straighten points They are used to insert the points of the harpoons, which are straightened by pressing the pin Extractor Not to be underestimated, the extractor hole is used for recovery rods entangled in the rocks Fish eviscerating blade Sharp Titanium blade perfect for cleaning fish Scaler Toothed blade specially created to quickly scale fish directly after catching it

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