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Pair of titanium-peek pulleys. Diameter 29x7

Aerospace Titanium is a material created to withstand very high pressures and extreme climatic factors. The material that every professional has always wanted.

Pair Clover Block

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Titanium plate for single block elastic fastening.

Suitable for sail with separate elastic banks. Ideal for speargun with cylindrical barrels and more generally for speargun where the single slide is not indicated.

It can be set up with a single central elastic, two rubber bands to be connected to the two side holes or 3 rubber bands to be connected to the 3 holes by means of a loop directly from the ogive.

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Exclusive product TITANALLStopper in AISI 316 L AISI 316 is a corrosion resistant stainless steel. Good weldability and good corrosion resistance to a wide variety of salts and organic acids, fair to weak solutions of reducing acids.

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